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Research, trends, and work highlights in the field on child maltreatment prevention.

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Strategies has assembled a team of professional, dynamic trainers to keep you up to date on the newest, most successful family resource solutions. Each training is content-rich, and our trainers encourage interaction and provide ample opportunity for networking.

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Strengthening Families California

Across California, a broad range of communities and organizations are working together to prevent child abuse and neglect through implementation of Strengthening Families, a Protective Factors Framework.  To support and promote these efforts, Strategies’ convene a cross-sector statewide leadership team known as the California Strengthening Families Roundtable.

Customized Technical Assistance, Coaching, and Training

Strategies is available to provide technical assistance on a wide range of topics. Skilled technical assistance professionals provide client-centered services to assist in better equipping your leaders, building your teams, guiding your organization to a new vision, evaluating your efforts, and effectively realizing your mission.

Archived Projects - Summits

Learn about past special projects including the California Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention and Early Intervention Summit held on October 16-17, 2013 and the California Maternal Wellness Summit held on May 6, 2014.  Available on this page are workshop descriptions and downloadable materials.

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Strategies offers various resources to help organizations and individuals strengthen families and communities.